Affiliated To Osmania University

The teaching faculty consists of highly specialized teacher educators qualified according to the said norms.

Principal: Mrs. Khudsia Hussain Hameed M.Sc, B.Ed, M.Phil (Ph.D)

Name of the Faculty Education Qualification Experience in years
Mrs. Shaheda Begum M.A (Hindi) 16 years
Mr. S. Zakir Hussain M.Sc B.Ed 16 years
Mrs. Muneer Fatima M.A (English Literature) 15 years
Mr. Najeebuddin M.Com 15 years
Mr. Sheroz Alam M.Com MBA 14 years
Mr. Wajid Pasha M.A (Economics) 14 years
Shaheda Sultana M.A (urdu literature) 14 years
Mr. Ateeq Mohd M.A (Public Admistration) 12 years
Mrs. Raffath Jahan M.Com B.Ed 10 years
Mr. Ayyub Ahmed M.Com MBA B.Ed 10 years
Ms. Asma Farheen M.Sc (Nutrition and Dietitics) 8 years
Ms. Azeema Begum M.Com 8 years
Ms. Rumisa Sultana M.Com B.Ed 5 years
Ms. Meraj Sultana M.Sc (Mathematics), B.Ed 5 years
Ms. Asra Kausar M.Sc (organic chemistry) B.Ed 5 years
Ms. Syeda Munnawar M.A(Public Administration) 5 years
Ms. Shabana Begum M.Sc (Micro Biology) B.Ed 4 years
Ms. Nasreen Fatima M.A(Economics) 3 years
Md Sajid Ali 3 years
Syed tauseef ullah hussaini MBA 3 years
Mrs Salma Khaton M.A 2 years
Ms. Yasmeen M.Sc(Nutrition and Dietetics) 2 years
Ms. Juveria Yasmeen M.Sc(Mathematics) 1 year
Md Sajid Anwar M.C.A  1 year