Affiliated To Osmania University


Planning activities, experiences to bring out an lecturer, Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Scientist, Software Engineer, Police and Good Business man in a child because we, believe each child is unique different and special in their own way.

 An environment full of fun and love because, we believe in educating for life.

  • Meticulously Planned academic programme
  • A strong team of teaching faculty who facilitate knowledge dissemination
  • The faculty members also include authors of acclaimed books and study materials.
  • In depth coaching through personal attention and special care for slow learning students.
  • Regular counseling sessions.
  • Daily study hours under the supervision and guidance of an Experienced faculty.

How we function:

 Education and learning occupy an important place in any society and at any time.  The purpose of education is indeed, the training of mind as an instrument of acquired knowledge so, as to increase its intrinsic potentiality and creative capacity and not simply to fill it with extraneous, matter.  The development of student’s personality and her innate and latent capacities through the training of his mind, is not a mechanical process.  It is an artistic and complex phenomenon and hence the process of inner growth and self – fulfillment evolves its own techniques, rules, methods and practices.

 The comprehensive methodology developed by us, in the arrangement of periods, given assignments and conducting examination etc, enables the student to develop their knowledge, sharpness and intellect.  Through the well structured strategies for class-room lectures we channelise all the educational requirement of our students to the most optimum level.  Over the years we have developed a scientific study package through with students acquire command not only over the fundamental concepts but also over the exhaustive areas of every topic in the syllabus of each subject.  Our course strategies are well structured and

while evening various topic of the syllabus the duration in the proportional to the weightage and toughness and hence our students need not external help of any sort during their study in our institution.

 Message to parents:

The successful implementation of a good educational planning required an active co – operation and participation of parents.  What is taught in the college would not, by itself, suffies unless it is supplemented by their regular preparation at home and hence parents should ensure that their wards spend their time usefully on their studies.  From the beginning of the academic year, the willing the co operation of parents is solicited so as to modify the habits of students and to cultivate positive and discipline in them.

 Parents are advised to see that their words are regular and punctual in attending the class and in effecting the assignment.  They are insisted on not to visit, for seeing the students, during the college hourse and to take them out for any purpose including medical check up during the session.

 Parents are expected to go through carefully the evaluated answer – scripts sent to them from time to time and to maintain a file of the same, so that they can assess the improvement of their wards.  In case they do not receive the progress report due to postal delay or any other reason they are advised to collect the copies of the same personally from the office of the college we shall be glad and also eager to meet the parents often, and they are expected to come to the college at least once in fifteen days to known about the attendance and performance of their wards and to discuss and resolve various issues pertaining to the progress of their wards.