Affiliated To Osmania University

Name of the Faculty Education Qualification Experience
Mrs. Masarath Fatima M.Sc, B.Ed 18 years
Mrs. Shaheda Begum M.A(Hindi) 16 years
Mrs. Shaheda Sultana M.A(Urdu) 14 years
Mr Sheroz Alam M.Com MBA 14 years
Mr Ateeq Muhammed M.A(public Administration) 10 years
Ms. Asfia Siddiqua M.A (Economics), M.Ed 9 years
Ms Asra Kausar M.Sc(Chemistry)B.Ed 5 years
Mrs Nafees Fatima M.Sc(Physics) B.Ed 3 years
Ms. Shazia Farhana M.Sc(Zollogy) B.Ed 3 years
Ms. Sabiha Parveen M.A(Economics) 3 years
Ms. Nasreen Fatima M.Com 3 years
Mrs. Kahkashan Begum M.A(English) B.Ed 3 years