Affiliated To Osmania University


Islamia Degree College:

Islamia Degree College was established in 1997 under the banner of Ahmed Memorial Educational society at a time when more women were taking to higher studies and separate colleges were oriented, the needs of women became the order of the day

 Our Promise:

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A students coming out of our college will be highly successful in her career as we take a lot of care on her career education.  The innovative methods couples with skillfull state – of – the art teaching methodology will make her self confident and ready to launch into any field, which her likely to pursue.  It is our endeavor to nurture the end to provide her on excellent career growth, which she richly desire and deserve.


The vision of the college is to serve the society by developing in students heightened intellectual, cultural,  ethical and human sensitivities to foster a sentific temper and to promote the professional expertise.


  • To empower girls students through knowledge and information
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  • To meet the challenges of a complete and modern society through informed social retreach.
  • To be one of the premier institution in the field of education and to achieve excellence in teaching.

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